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Come join Obscure Productions for China Backstreets. A light, subjective and not very documentary series that takes a look at some of the small places in China that you might not see on the mainstream media. This is just a rough and fun slice of life look at the real China many foreigners might not get a chance to see. read more

等待 Dengdai – (The Waiting)

a short film written, produced and directed by Richard Trombly

starring Wei Jiaying

Modern Shanghai seen through the eyes of 9-year-old Pei Pei Wang. Based on real events, this film explores the meaning of family in modern China. Read more

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瓜熟时节 Gua Shu Shijie – Melon Harvest

In China, the modern meets the traditional and personal relationships are still very traditional and there are many social obstacles keeping young men and women apart.

Melon Harvest is the story of a couple of young Chinese lovers that have been too shy to get together. The beautiful Meilin plays her traditional guzheng musical instrument at an elite party of modern Shanghainese and a mix of expatriate foreigners. Charged with the excitement of performance and the insistence of her friends, she asks the young man, Jiang Lu whom she likes to carry home her instrument for her. Read more

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written and directed by Gianpaolo Lupori

Among the millions pursuing a better life in the technologically saturated city of Shanghai, four dissatisfied ordinary youngsters drift between reality and cyberspace as they attempt to transform their nondescript lives by posting a series of controversial videos on the Internet.
The virtual quest, however, soon turns into a nightmare as the backlash response to their posts spills out into the real world to haunt and track them down. View now on Vimeo.

碎片 Shattered

Written and Directed by Tim Chu (Zhu Tianjie)

Does everyone deserve a second chance? This is a dark exploration into one of the biggest social problems facing China.

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POLLUTED, directed by Li Pingru (Judy Lee

Polluted is a short film about crossing boundaries in modern China, where many things are forbidden — Including shooting this film.

POLLUTED is a narrative fiction short film that could be ripped from the pages of the news. Except that the news is censored in China. When a disaster happens in China, local reporters are forbidden to report and international reporters are blocked from the region. read more

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