Crashdown Studio

Crashdown Studio is a unique workshop comprised of film industry and animation veterans specializing in video, visual effects and animation. We explore the creative frontiers of traditional animation, film with leading-edge 3D animation and VFX to bring world-class production services to projects of any scale.

Arabica Roasters

At Obscure Productions we do caffeinated film making and we prefer Arablica Roasters fair trade coffee. Arabica Roasters Company is a Wholly Foreign Owned Venture based in Beijing with 2 subsidiaries, one in Shanghai and the other in Hong Kong. Founded in 1994, it is the first specialty coffee roasting company in mainland China, with a reputation for top-quality, coffee and related services for customers and businesses throughout greater China.

The Pearl

Located in a 1930s-built Buddhist Temple, The Pearl is a classic theater with an intimate stage that hosts cultural events of all kinds in an elegant environment reviving Shanghai’s grand past. Check its calendar for great events being hosted at the Pearl or check out renting it for your events.

Located in a

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