Current Projects

In Development

Before It’s Gone – feature documentary on urban developement, gentrification, architectural preservation and the connection with communities and community-based organizations.

“Gentrification has not only transformed building facades and the architecture of cities globally, but also diluted the traditional ways of human beings’ connections, traditional bonds and neighborhood cultures. In the midst of this inevitable trend, a group of artists in Osaka attempt to preserve a part of the joy that belongs to human social nature and desire for community” – Director Jude Jiang

Director, Cinematographer and Editor – Jude Jiang

Completed works

The Long Farewell is currently being showcased in international film festivals.

Past Productions

China Backstreets

Distributed on Amazon Prime China Backstreet – Richard Trombly

Living in China, it seems whereever you point your lens, you see something worthy of photographing. The Colors and Textures of China are just such a pleasure to shoot and nothing compares to meeting the people. China Backstreets is a fun and not-very-documentary look at China and its people in 3-5 minute “webisodes.” The topics and places we choose offer a unique look at a china you might not often see in some of the smaller places and back streets. This will be an ongoing series and we have already completed some episodes with more on the way. 

Analysis / Tina的方程式
Tina is a 13-year-old maths genius in an isolated world where solid and definite answers given by computer analysis are more comforting and secure than the ambiguity of human relations. This mathematical savant fills her world with imaginary visions rich with mathematical fantasies.screen shot analysis 1

Sofie Fella (l.), Julian Henry and  Charles Mayer in ANALYSIS

However, her aspiration gets questioned by an unlikely mentor, Mr Richardson. This science teacher shares her genius but challenges her to connect with the human world. When Tina’s family life is threatened, she must make a choice between retreating deeper into isolation or solving her ‘human equation’. Read more

回家 – The Journey Home (in financial development)

Featuring “Mary” Wei JiayingDirector Richard Trombly

Jingjing (Wei Jiaying) meets a companion on her Journey
Jingjing (Wei Jiaying) meets a companion on her Journey
-Jingjing enjoys a moment of freedom traveling on the barge working boat BRIGHT WATER
-Jingjing enjoys the freedom of life on the river

Development scenes for the feature film THE JOURNEY HOME Photos by RIchard Trombly

The Journey Home is a feature film production in development by Screenwriter Richard Trombly. It is a story of a young Chinese girl orphaned and sent to live with relatives and her quest to find herself and the meaning of Home all against the backdrop of modern China. This is a road movie that will explore the heart and soul of China and its people while traversing the Yangzte Delta region on a journey from Shanghai to Wuhan and back in a quest to find “Home.” 

Dark Waters (in script development)

Director Richard Trombly

One of the many Yangtze River barges that inspired Dark Waters
One of the many Yangtze River barges that inspired Dark Waters

Like Trombly’s other Mandarin language films in China, this story centers on the struggle Chinese youth face in balancing 5000 years of tradition and the crashing wave of modern society and western culture.  Even as the modern world should offer endless freedom of choice, there seem to be so few options to many young Chinese. It is like being on a boat and seeing so many possible destinations in the distance around you while being restricted in choice to merely going up or down stream.

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