Announcing “Zone Rangers” Planetary Defense Force by Pierre DeCelles

Announcing “Zone Rangers” by Pierre DeCelles

Zone Rangers – Planetary Defense Force

Enter the world of Colonel Peter Drake and the Zone Rangers

In 2615, a small force of heroes, the Zone Rangers, protect the remaining free regions after mysterious forces conquered much of the world. The vanquished wastelands are called The Zone. Here people become nanobot-controlled “Zoners,” automatons enslaved to create weapons of war. Their leaders are twisted super soldiers known as “Reapers.”

Zone Rangers, under the lead of Col. Drake, are comprised of a multinational force of heroes dedicated to freeing humanity. They discovered how to protect machines and people from The Zone utilizing a rare element that neutralizes the nanobots. The drama follows individual Rangers striving to maintain their humanity and sanity in a world torn asunder by war.

The Zone was created by an alien that crashed to Earth in the 20th century who is bent on world domination and has since undermined peace and human society with continual war. The nations beyond The Zone are ill-equipped to face the monstrous robotic weapons and war machines emerging from The Zone and they cannot enter without becoming Zoners. Within The Zone, people are enslaved to exploit the environment and toil in factories creating nightmarish and fantastic war machines.

In this post-apocalyptic world, Zone Rangers use the highest technology weapons to defend the free world, liberate Zone regions and rescue people from its influence. Their units of infantry, mobilized scouts, hover tanks and ground support fighter jets are headquartered in an island base. With airborne carriers, they respond to global threats and launch tactical strikes into The Zone.

Despite the devastation of continual attacks, can the Rangers discover the ultimate goal behind The Zone and free humanity before it is too late?

Director and Concept Design by Pierre DeCelles
Written Story by Pierre DeCelles and Richard Trombly
Art Production at Crashdown Studio
Producers: Tim Giovanni, Pierre DeCelles and Richard Trombly

Copyright – Crashdown Studio – 2014

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