Beverly Huang

BeverlyHuang 黄春英 market planning\consulting and social media expert

Beverly Huang
Beverly Huang (黄春英)

自2016年起,她一直与中国独立电影公司合作,提供市场营销、数据分析、艺术设计、活动组织策划等服务;3年上海48小时电影项目(主办方) ;曾任Globatalent市场经理;

BeverlyHuang 黄春英从事市场策划咨询和自媒体,2020年正在合作有上海官方的48小时国际电影节(48 Hour Film Project)。2017年瑞士顶级著名Didier Dietschi在上海举办课程活动的项目负责人,参与整个项目流程包括宣传设计、市场、合作方沟通协商等,拥有专业市场活动体系和市场视角;在2016年参与万达合肥项目游乐园,具有协商合作能力,不断提升商业模式认知,完善对中国市场认知;

有多个专业自营自媒体号,以及会计金融背景知识,并于2016年获得初级会计证书,以及英语专业水平,从而具有丰富的国际合作经验和市场数据分析的专业能力。同时与多家国际公司合作编辑翻译、设计、市场咨询;自创品牌有EVER MEDIA PRODUCTION, 参与多个影视项目策划和市场策划。

Since 2016, she has been cooperating with Chinese Indie Film to provide marketing, data analysis, art design, event organization and planning services;Shanghai 48-hour film project (Organizer) for 3 years; Marketing manager of Globatalent;

BeverlyHuang 黄春英 is engaged in market planning\consulting and social media, now collaborating with the official Shanghai 48 Hour Film Project in 2020. As the course project leader held by Switzerland’s Didier Dietsch in Shanghai in 2017, she participated in the whole project process including publicity design, marketing, communication and negotiation with partners etc., and had a professional market system and perspective. Participated in WanDa hefei project amusement park in 2016, with the ability to negotiate and cooperate, constantly improve the understanding of business model, and improve the understanding of the Chinese market;

She owns professional self-run “we media”, as well as accounting and finance background knowledge, and obtained the primary accounting certificate and business English professional level in 2016, thus having rich international cooperation experience and professional ability in market data analysis. At the same time with a number of international companies to work on professional translation, design, market consulting;