Analyzing Analysis

Jude Jiang is a partner at and Producer of our short film “Analysis”. Here is her insight on why she produced this film with director Richard Trombly.


“I was thinking about the target audience of ANALYSIS.

The so-called mainstream movies present the conventional emotions like excitement, happiness, pleasure, tragedy and such. These emotions easily can be understood and well accepted by ordinary people. And the conventional theme these movies present is closely related with love, suspense, action, hero and such genres.

But ANALYSIS doesn’t attempt to present or show that to people. Instead, it wants to explore something hard to be understood but necessary to be told. Because it seriously touches the topic of  how human is naturally anti-social and also related to the social. It’s definitely not something light.

I think what’s really special about ANALYSIS is that it did it through a teenager’s perspective. An Asperger syndrome person’s POV. Which is more intensely exploring this theme of being socialized or not.

A lot of times, i have the awareness that when i get hurt, i want to hide in my little shell, but there will always appear an attractive reason for me to get out of the shell.  And the circulation actually goes on. It never stops.

Being socialized or not ? and how to be the self by not hurting the others?

This is a question. ” – Jude Jiang

Obscure Productions and Crashdown Studio Create Content Partnership

16 November 2013, Shanghai – Obscure Productions ( announced its partnership with Shanghai-based Crashdown Studio to create unique content for international markets.

Crashdown Studio Shanghai

Crashdown Studio is a boutique animation and visual special effects company that is currently working with Obscure Productions to produce the animation and VFX-packed short film ANALYSIS by Obscure Production’s Richard Trombly with 2D animation by Pierre DeCelles (

Pierre DeCelles and Richard Trombly will be collaborating with Crashdown Studio to provide content creation and development of animated TV series and films for international markets.









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Richard Trombly is an American Journalist – turned film maker living in China since 2003. He has made several short films and worked on or produced feature films.  His company is Obscure Productions which is currently making the short film Analysis. … Continue reading